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The participants learn about water safety and basic canoeing skills. This provides an excellent opportunity to see Lake Tinaroo from a different perspective.

Participants will learn basic canoe handling skills and explore our small part of the dam through supervised game based activities.

Once basic skills have been mastered, we go exploring through the Dead Forest. (Groups will be supported by a power boat in case of emergency)

Activities co-ordinators will take your group on a team building, overnight canoe hike. The canoeing group will camp at a different campsite before returning to base. (There will be power boat back up).

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Abseiling is the controlled descent down a rock face using a rope. It gives participants the opportunity push their personal limits and experience the thrill of being suspended by a rope while descending a rock face.

Teaches the participants the basics of abseiling and safety requirements. Descending down the 12m rock face at Barrabadeen.

Using “Bushrangers”, BAC can offer more challenging abseiling experiences for those wanting to practice more sophisticated abseiling skills. Advanced abseiling will be from a nearby cliff edge which also offers spectacular views of the lake.

Rockwall climbing
Rockwall Climbing
Rockwall Climbing

Our newly completed rock wall gives participants the opportunity to gain some new rock climbing skills with limited risks.

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses. This self managed activity is designed to challenge small teams from your group.

Top-roping offers rock climbing experiences with all the rewards of rock climbing, but with minimal risks.


Our outdoor archery range provides a fun-filled sport for all ages. The course will be overseen by qualified instructors who will teach students on the basics of archery. You will be encouraged to develop your technique and you can progress to advance skills and participate in point scoring to test your skill level. Some of the benefits of archery are increased focus and hand-eye coordination.

Archery (2 Hours)

Using safe, modern equipment you will learn good technique and how to shoot well. Have fun learning a new skill and cheering on your team as you aim for a bullseye.
High Ropes Course
Fire Building

This is the sport of distance cross-country navigation, in which teams of two to five people visit as many checkpoints as they wish in a set time period. Courses will be adapted to suit the needs of individual groups.

Test your inner balance and see how many Milk crates you can stack in a set timeframe. Roles rotate throughout the session so that everyone gets a turn at climbing and helping with the ropes. Great for teamwork, communication, trust and overcoming fears.

This is a great team building activity using our set of gear your group can be tested on their skill even with out set of instructions included in the kit.

Slack lining is walking, balancing or doing various tricks on a wide line tensioned between two anchors. This fun activity will test balance and build trust.

Our 12 element course will test your group on how well they can play together and get through the course as a team. This course offers challenging elements without the fear of height.

Using the well laid out course at Camp Tinaroo, our BAC instructor can put your group through their paces metres off the ground.This activity is not for the faint hearted and is designed for fun, fitness and team building.

Stand up paddle boarding has taken off in a huge way. We can offer this activity in our sheltered bays, run by fully qualified staff for groups of up to max of 20 persons.

Around our campsite, we are lucky enough to have an abundance of bush tucker and bush medicine. Our experienced staff will take you on a walk and show you what the traditional owners have been using for thousands of years. Group size is max of 20 persons.

Leaving Barrabadeen front gate hiking up near Bushrangers cutting back through to Tinaroo creek and making your way back into our camp site you will have great Spots to see the World around us. Easy hike for most ages and fitness levels Need water and snacks.

Experience some of the best mountain biking trails in North Queensland. Levels of difficulty can be adapted to suit needs of individual groups.

This activity teaches participants how to make damper on an open fire or in an oven. While the damper is cooking, our instructors will teach the group how to light a fire and maintain safety using a variety of equipment. The emphasis will be on survival in the bush. Group size is a max of 20 persons.

This activity will come in very handy the next time you’re lost. Our highly experienced instructor will take the group into the bush and teach the do’s and dont’s of field craft. The group will be taught about appropriate equipment that should be carried, how to setup shelter and how to find food and water. (Max of 20 persons per group)

This is a very good way to fill in the night. The tour, done in and around the camp, teaches groups about nocturnal fauna and what happens in the trees when the lights go out. Using their torches, participants have a chance of seeing possums, bandicoots and a few other surprises along the way. (Max of 20 persons per group).

This is a fantastic opportunity to bring groups together and form long-lasting bonds. We have a wide range of games which make the participants work closely together, encouraging teamwork. (Max of 20 persons per group)

Having Lake Tinaroo on our door step, we have an amazing opportunity for groups to learn and fine tune their fishing skills. With all fishing gear supplied/or bring your own, participants can learn about bait collecting, using lures and bait fishing. They might even catch that big barra. (Max of 20 persons per group)

One of our local artists with a long history in clay work, can instruct participants on the fine art of pottery. The group will get a chance to make cups, bowls and all manner of figures. (Max of 20 persons per group).